What is Leftover.pk?

We are a team of people who are exactly like you: Proudly Pakistani. We love to find deals, to get the best quality branded designs at the lowest prices.

This is why we started Leftover.pk! We talk directly to manufacturers and brands across Pakistan to get the lowest possible price on their leftover stock. Our team then curates and carefully selects only those designs which are of the best quality and are also in the current fashion trends.

WHAT DOES LEFTOVER MEAN? Very simply, leftover stock is the stock that brands are unable to sell even after sales of 70% off. This is very natural in the retail industry and often very nice designs remain unsold. We select the BEST of those designs and check every single fabric for quality and bring them to you - OFTEN at prices as low as 80%,90% off!

Think of our website as your best friend : We will give you 100% Honesty and 200% Customer Satisfaction guaranteed.